Our Trust Enablement Assessment findings suggest that:Comparative Trust Assessment Chart

  1. Drugstore.com is by far the most Trust Enabled of the three web sites;
  2. clientrx.com is slightly more Trust Enabled than thedoctorspharmacy.com;
  3. thedoctorspharmacy.com employs Trust Enabling mechanisms that allow customers to make a purchase decision faster than clientrx.com; and
  4. clientrx.com provides better customer relationship building Trust Enablement mechanisms than thedoctorspharmacy.com

In our opinion, the implications are that:

  1. Drugstore.com is likely an indirect competitor that is able to sell at a higher price point;
  2. clientrx.com and thedoctorspharmacy.com may be direct competitors;
  3. all else being equal, thedoctorspharmacy.com is likely to experience higher traffic conversion rates than clientrx.com; and
  4. all else being equal, clientrx.com is more likely to retain customers than thedoctorspharmacy.com