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Alex Todd's workshop "Building Trust in a Law Firm", delivered at the 2006 Toronto Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) Conference. The presentation includes assessment of various trust-building best practices.

Alex Todd's article: "Corporate Governance Best Practices: One size does not fit all".

Alex Todd presented his paper "Trust Enabled™ Corporate Governance" to the Doctoral Consortium at the 2006 McMaster World Congress on Corporate Governance. Click on doctoral or general for related presentations.

Alex Todd's article: A Political commentary on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's proposed Federal Accountability Act, entitled "Creating Trust in Government".

Alex Todd presented his ground-breaking white paper "Trust Enabled Supply Networks: Uncovering the trust-building secrets of highly collaborative supply chains" at the Innovative Collaboration for Competitive Advantage Third Annual Symposium on Supply Chain Management.

Alex Todd spoke at the McMaster University World Congress, January 19-21, 2005, about "The Challenges of Online Trust - for online and offline business" (download slides and speaker notes in PDF format).

Examples from our portfolio of Comparative Assessments of web sites:

ClientRx.com Comparative Trust Enablement Assessment ExampleExample of a Comparative Trust Enablement™ Assessment for the ClientRx.com e-commerce web site.

ClientDeveloper Comparative Trust Enablement Assessment Example Example of a Comparative Trust Enablement™ Assessment of ClientDeveloper.com.

Examples of our presentations containing Trust Enablement™ Assessments:

Trust Enablement - A Critical Success Factor Trust Enablement™: A Critical Success Factor - contains Trust Enablement™ Assessments of sample business Critical Success Factors.

E-Trust: Establishing Consumer Confidence in Online Commercial TransactionsE-Trust: Establishing Consumer Confidence in On-Line Commercial Transaction. (2MB file)

Trusting Information - Not the Source presentationTrusting Information - Not the Source: The impact of trust on Business on Demand. (4MB file)

Trust Research Proposal: "To what extent does trust drive exceptional value growth for companies? Can trust be engineered?" - see research proposal abstract.