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They help corporations achieve their goals

by optimizing the trust of their stakeholders.

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Trust Enabling Strategies works with individual clients and industry groups to deliver strategic insights that improve sustainable business performance.

Applying our exclusive Trust Enablement™ code of practice, we provide professional services that help organizations to identify, prioritize, define, choose, implement, manage and, in a unified and balanced manner, continually improve the business processes that their stakeholders rely on to support their business.

We help our clients to improve business growth and profitability by providing Trust Enablement™ assessments and designs. We also deliver custom projects that include stakeholder reliance analysis, Trust Enablement™ solution design and implementation, as well as ongoing trust program management.

We draw upon many years of professional experience and an extensive trust library of more than 2,000 books, papers, studies, articles, web sites and complementary services providers that allow us to address a wide variety of trust issues. We also support other business consultants with our subject matter expertise on Trust Enablement™.

Our approach to Trust Enablement™ is strategic and applicable to all areas of an organization/community. Trust Enablement™ principles are equally applicable for economic development as for an individual business process. (Top)

Inform (Top)
Trust Enablement™ is a new competency that requires awareness and education. We provide resources and services that help our clients to understand the value of Trust Enablement™ and how to apply it in their business. (available today)
This web site serves to not only inform prospective clients about our services, but also as a live demonstration of an application of Trust Enablement™ principles. It contains both public and private areas to gather and deliver information. It is designed to allow visitors to obtain information from a wide variety of source, to contribute to the body of knowledge on trust and even to participate as experiential and authoritative sources of trust. Subscription services are provided for specialized forums, newsletters and reference libraries.

Presentations (available today)
We develop and deliver presentations on Trust Enablement™ both over the Internet and on site for industry and professional events.
We also deliver presentations in support of our partners' business development efforts.

Articles, Whitepapers and Application Briefs (available today)
We write Trust Enablement™ application briefs and white papers for our clients.

Consultations (available today)
We provide subject matter expertise on Trust Enablement™ at private consultation meetings to both our clients and those of our business partners.

Training (available today)
We develop and deliver custom training and courseware on Trust Enablement™ to support awareness programs and business development initiatives.(Top)

Assess (Top)
Most of our clients are interested in assessing their current state of Trust Enablement™ as their first indicator of how Trust Enabling™ processes can begin to contribute to their business success.

Studies, Surveys and Information Reliance Profiles (under development)
We conduct studies and surveys and develop Information Reliance Profiles in order to determine stakeholders' trust requirements and measure the effectiveness of current Trust Enabling™ solutions.

NEW: Governance Lifecycle Model (GLM)™ Assessment Tool (see questionnaire)
It measures how effectively a corporate "governance style" supports the company's strategic priorities. The tool is based on research discussed in Alex Todd's recent article
"Corporate Governance Best Practices: One size does not fit all". The research identified the corporate governance practices associated with superior strategic performance, namely that corporations with "management-controlled" boards enjoy faster sales growth, corporations with "sovereign boards" exhibit superior profitability, corporations with "management-influenced boards" distribute more cash to shareholders, and corporations with "trusted boards" are rewarded with higher valuations.

Trust Enablement™ Assessments
We perform Trust Enablement™ Assessments on various business processes, as well as comparative assessments of web sites. We also assess organizational policies against our Trust Enablement™ Code of Practice.

Trust Enablement™ Assessment

A Trust Enablement™ Assessment helps organizations to identify the business processes and mechanisms required to bridge confidence gaps with key stakeholders in order to accelerate acceptance of their value proposition.

For growth-oriented organizations who value building higher levels of trust and confidence with key stakeholders, such as customers and investors, a Trust Enablement™ Assessment helps to focus their resources on specialized business processes and mechanisms for specific trust and confidence objectives in order to accelerate business growth and value creation.

A Trust Enablement™ Assessment is available stand-alone or as a comparative against other businesses. It includes:

  • a review of stakeholder trust and confidence requirements;
  • a mapping of current or planned business processes and mechanisms against the Trust Enablement™ Framework;
  • a gap analysis between trust and confidence requirements and the Trust Enablement™ objectives currently being addressed;
  • a gap analysis between comparative business processes and mechanisms (available only with a comparative assessment);
  • detailed documentation of incremental business processes and mechanisms (available only with a comparative assessment);
  • documented implications of any gaps or deficiencies; and
  • recommended approach for designing a solution that more optimally satisfies stakeholder trust and confidence requirements.

A Trust Enablement™ Assessment uniquely identifies required and existing links between an organization's ability to deliver value and its stakeholders' confidence to accept it.

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Discovery Workshops (available today)
We conduct gap analysis workshops with clients' management teams to identify required Trust Enabling™ processes.

Performance Monitoring (planned)
We monitor our clients' business activity to measure the effectiveness of Trust Enabled™ information and processes.(Top)

Define (Top)

Business Requirements (available today)
We gather business requirements
through interviews and workshops in order to design Trust Enabled™ solutions.

Policies, Guidelines and Standards (click here for benefits)
We recommend Trust Enabling™ Policies, Guidelines and Standards for entire organizations or individual business units.

Solution Architecture & Design (available today)
We design Trust Enabling™ processes that satisfy business requirements and are compliant with our Trust Enablement™ Code of Practice. We also define authentication solutions and have subject matter expertise in public key infrastructures (PKI) and the use of digital certificates.

Products & Services Definition (available today)
We identify and recommend commercially available products and services that satisfy business and technical requirements.

Process Development (available today)
We define processes to achieve specific Trust Enablement™ objectives, both to establish required levels of trust and to maintain them.

Program Development (planned)
We develop comprehensive Trust Enablement™ Management Programs designed to facilitate compliance with Trust Enabling™ Policies, Guidelines and Standards.(Top)

Implement (Top)
Once the Trust Enablement™ is clearly defined, it must be implemented and integrated into the business to deliver intended results.

Courseware Development (available today)
We develop custom courseware to train staff on Trust Enablement™ principles and their organizations' Trust Enabling™ policies, guidelines and procedures.

Products & Services Selection (available today)
We recommend specific Trust Enabling™ products and services to implement adopted Trust Enabling™ Strategies using both our resource library and established business relationships.

Project Management (available today)
We take responsibility for and manage the implementation of our recommended Trust Enablement™ solutions by coordinating all resources, including suppliers of products and services.

Solution Development (available today)
We work with our business partners to develop custom software to automate your Trust Enabling™ business processes and deliver Trust Enabled™ information to your stakeholders electronically..

Run (Top)
Typically, our clients assume the task of running the implemented Trust Enabling™ processes. However, sometimes the processes need to be outsource in order to acquire the required levels of competence or resourcing. Trust Enabling Strategies, with our partners plan to provide some of the required services.

Reference Library and Forum (available today)
We maintain a vast library of information, tools and services that help our clients to understand trust principles and apply the most appropriate mechanisms for building and maintaining the trust of their stakeholders.

Research & Development (under development)
We conduct research on behalf of our clients to identify opportunities for improving stakeholder trust and confidence. We also recommend and test various Trust Enablement™ approaches on our clients' behalf for effectiveness.

Corporate Intelligence (under development)
With our partners we provide an external perspective on your market's direction, competitors' actions, and customers' prevailing needs.

Facilitation (planned)
With our partners, we facilitate new and existing business relationships to build or restore trust and confidence.

Aggregation (planned)
We search and aggregate information from multiple sources to help our clients increase their confidence in critical business information they rely on to make consequential business decisions.

Monitoring & Metrics (planned)
We monitor the performance of your Trust Enabling™ processes and periodically report on results with recommendations for improvement.

Certification (planned)
We certify that business processes and information have been Trust Enabled™ in accordance with our Trust Enablement™ Code of Practice.(Top)







IBM Consultant Certification Alex Todd, President of Trust Enabling Strategies, is a Certified IBM Consultant.(see certification and resume)

Our Trust-related Consulting Experiences:

We have provided trust-related professional services to the following organizations and their representatives:

IBMIBM Global Services:

  • Development of a Trust Services Strategy for the Global PKI Center of Competency for Aldo Grossi; and
  • Enterprise Of The Future global lead for the Trust Enabling Services "deeper play" for Ko-Yang Wang.

Philip Morris: eTrust Strategy for Leigh Hunter and Zoubaier Agrebi.

Canadian Payments Association: PKI Initiative to establish a framework of trust for Pierre Roach and Marc Parent. - see application brief.

Examples from our portfolio of Comparative Assessments of web sites: Comparative Trust Enablement Assessment Example Example of a Comparative Trust Enablement™ Assessment for the e-commerce web site. Example of a Comparative Trust Enablement™ Assessment of

Examples of our presentations containing Trust Enablement™ Assessments:

Trust Enablement - A Critical Success Factor Trust Enablement™: A Critical Success Factor - contains Trust Enablement™ Assessments of sample business Critical Success Factors.

E-Trust: Establishing Consumer Confidence in Online Commercial Transactions E-Trust: Establishing Consumer Confidence in On-Line Commercial Transaction. (2MB file)

Trusting Information - Not the Source presentationTrusting Information - Not the Source: The impact of trust on Business on Demand. (4MB file)

Articles containing our Trust Enablement™ Assessments:
ISSAlex Todd's article: "Corporate Governance Best Practices: One size does not fit all". The article was published in Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) Canadian newsletter Corporate Governance Review (CGR). It was also posted in the Members in Action section of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CAMC) web site.

IBM Executive Tek Reports

Trust Enablement™ Assessment of eBay in Alex Todd's interview with IBM's Executive Tek Reports. Local Copy

Chelsea Consulting
Trust Enablement™ Assesment of offshore software development best practices in an article we co-authored with Darrel Berry, Partner at Chelsea Consulting, entitled "Why Outsourcing Deals Fail". (see draft of article)

Snapshots of other Trust Enablement™ Assessments:

Assessment of Sarbanes-OxleyTrust Enablement™ Assessment of Sarbanes-Oxley Legislation

Assessment of OECD Privacy GuidelinesTrust Enablement™ Assessment of OECD Privacy Guidelines

Peek at Actual Corporate Trust Enabling™ Policy Recommendations:

To see an excerpt from an actual work-in-progress client engagement that makes Corporate Trust Enabling™ Policy recommendations for a Canadian not-for-profit organization, click here.

Our Partners:
Our partners receive pre-sales services, Trust Enablement™ subject matter expertise and subcontracting or referral work from us. To become a partner contact us at

Jerry Adel & Company

Trust-Builder Inc.
"Connecting Boards & Institutional Shareholders"

C2E Consulting

Chelsea Consulting










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