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How do you improve traffic conversion rates on your e-commerce web sites, while at the same time increasing the average revenue contribution per transaction?

Trust Enablement™ increases the volume, velocity and value of e-commerce transactions.

At Issue
Electronic commerce applications rely on customers to accept their value proposition sufficiently to complete an online transaction. Performance is usually measured by the number of visits to the web site, the ratio of visits to completed transactions, and of course total revenue. Web site design, search engine optimization, traffic conversion and online marketing services all contribute independently to achieving these objectives.

Trust Enablement™ addresses each of these objectives in a unified and balanced way that accelerates the sales cycle by removing uncertainties responsible for customer hesitation and enhancing the customer’s confidence to commit to higher value transactions.

Trust Enablement™ performance is measured by the increase in view-to-click-through ratios and the average value of a transaction; both direct contributors to growth and profitability.



Sources of Trust

Authoritative Sources

GBDeOur recommendations to the Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce (GBDe) for "Good Online Business Practices: Building Trust and Confidence in Electronic Commerce".

Red Herring "Mr. Schultz [Starbuck's CEO, Howard Schultz] has been 'a tremendous brand steward' in addressing the trust issues that eBay faces (like fraud among sellers) and ethics and safety issues (like sales of guns or pornography). As for, Mr. Schultz says he will play a major role in helping it roll out a line of drugs that will carry the company's brand name." (see Local Copy

It is clearly not a coincidence that both eBay and rated so highly in our Trust Enablement™ assessments (see IBM interview and comparative assessment, below)

IBM Executive Tek Reports

Alex Todd's interview (and PDF version) with IBM's Executive Tek Reports will introduce you to our Trust Enablement approach as it applies to eBay (see also EduFlash). Local Copy

Experiential Sources


"The research showed that Web site improvements drove trust values up, which in turn positively affected the number of downloads and saved Intel millions of dollars in customer-support costs." As reported by Peppers & Rogers in their article entitled "INTEL MEASURES TRUST TO GROW ITS BUSINESS" Local Copy Click here for the actual study by the MIT Center for eBusiness at the Sloan School of Management. Local Copy (1MB file)

Our Experiences:
Example of a Comparative Trust Enablement™ Assessment for the e-commerce web site:

Comparative Trust Assessment Chart

Click here for the findings and implications of the assessment.

The Essential Christmas Web-store Makeover: Ten great tips to turn online holiday shoppers into eager buyers - and satisfied customers (read or download).

Our article entitled "Leading Intelligent Communities Through Enabling Trust" Cached in iCommunity.



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