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Economic Development

How do you give consumers and businesses the confidence they need to do more business with each other?

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Trust Enablement™ accelerates the adoption of new business practices, as well as the flow and value of business activity within an economic community.

At Issue
Economic communities rely on physical, intangible and human capital for growth. Investment in information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures has contributed to almost half the growth of leading OECD countries. It may surprise some, however that trust between people, alone can contribute significantly to economic growth:

  • a 15% increase in trust can contribute 1% annually to per capita output growth; and
  • a 10% increase in inhabitant trust translates into an increase of 0.1% in economic growth - sizable considering world average growth rates of 1% to 3%.
What would the impact be if economic communities could increase trust between their members through strategic use of information and communication technology?

Solution Benefits (Top)
Trust Enabling™ a community can produce eBay-like economic growth, due to the cumulative effect of leveraging information and communications technologies to increase trust between transacting parties.  Electronic Trust Enabling™ services infrastructures can be designed to enhance relying party confidence in business transaction by explicitly helping to establish required levels of trust and protect from a loss or deficiency of trust.

Our Services (Top)
We define Trust Enabling™ infrastructures for common business processes that help to reduce uncertainties and make residual risks more acceptable to members conducting business with other community members and external parties.

Awareness Presentations
We develop and deliver presentations on Trust Enablement™ to community stakeholders and policy developers to facilitate the decision-making process.


We provide subject matter expertise on Trust Enablement™ at private consultation meetings with key community stakeholders and economic development decision-makers.

Studies, Surveys and Information Reliance Profiles

We conduct studies and surveys, and develop Information Reliance Profiles in order to determine community members' trust requirements.

Community System Rules

We contribute to the development of economic community Trust Enabling™ System Rules (a combination of policies, guidelines, standards and procedures) for all participating community members.

Solution Architecture & Design

We architect Trust Enabling™ systems and design processes that satisfy trust requirements for inter-community and intra-community business transaction and comply with System Rules. We also design member identification and authentication solutions.


Sources of Trust

Authoritative Sources

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The World Bank Group
The World Bank - Building Trust: Public Policy, Interpersonal Trust, and Economic Development Local Copy

Experiential Sources

Our Experiences:

iCommunityOur article entitled "Leading Intelligent Communities Through Enabling Trust" Cached was published in the fall 2004 edition of iCommunity Cached.






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