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Alex Todd conducted a workshop "Building Trust in a Law Firm" (slides, article and newsletter TLOMA Today - cached) at the 2006 Toronto Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) Conference.

McMaster World Congress

Alex Todd recently presented his paper "Trust Enabled™ Corporate Governance" to the Doctoral Consortium at the 2006 McMaster World Congress on Corporate Governance. Click on doctoral or general for presentations.


Alex Todd was recently inerviewed by Michael Hepworth, President of The Results Exchange about "Trust The Most Important Marketing Ingredient".

Alex Todd recently presented his ground-breaking new white paper "Trust Enabled Supply Networks: Uncovering the trust-building secrets of highly collaborative supply chains" at the Innovative Collaboration for Competitive Advantage Third Annual Symposium on Supply Chain Management.

Alex Todd has been appointed to Board of the Strategic Leadership Forum (SLF) as Chairman of Knowledge Cafe. Join him on April 21 for a colleagial discusssion about "How to adapt your organization to rapid change in uncertain times?".

McMaster World Congress

Alex Todd spoke at the McMaster University World Congress, January 19-21, 2005, about "The Challenges of Online Trust - for online and offline business" (download slides and speaker notes in PDF format).

ICCA 2004Trust Enabling Strategies joins Toronto Delegation Local Copy in New York for the Intelligent Communities Conference and Awards 2004 - WINNERS.


Sources of trust pending

Sources of trust pending

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