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The Trust Enabling Strategies Guarantee

Total client delight is the foundation of our business philosophy and what we practice.

Trust Enabling Strategies strives to create a trust relationship with each customer, which we define as “a client’s belief that we always will act in their best interest." In this spirit, our work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the services we provide, we will, at your option, waive our fees, accept the portion of fees that reflects your degree of satisfaction, or work with you without charge until we meet your conditions of satisfaction. Conversely, when we delight you, by exceeding your expectation, we would appreciate, at your option, your invitation to participate in the incremental value of our contribution. When we accept you as a customer, we trust you to decide.

Please do not interpret this guarantee as a way to make things right if problems occur. Rather, interpret it as a statement of the confidence we want you to have in our commitment to add value to your organization, the quality of the products and services we provide and our desire for every customer to view us as a trusted partner.

A trust relationship requires reciprocity to achieve the results desired by both parties, meaning that Trust Enabling Strategies’ performance is dependent on the customers', suppliers' and partners' efforts and inputs that impact the project. In no way does this statement modify Trust Enabling Strategies’ guarantee. It simply reflects the importance of creating mutually understood objectives and project parameters, making and keeping commitments, remaining flexible to changing circumstances, and working together to achieve results that deliver the highest value possible.

Sources of Trust

Authoritative Sources

We aspire to these standards:

Spire Group Guarantee Capability Statement Local Copy

Spire Group

The Trusted Advisor Local Copy

The Trusted Advisor

Experiential Sources

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